peljesac-prapratno1Prapratno is a small bay situated just about 3 kilometres west of ancient town Ston on Peljesac peninsula.

The bay is south facing and it has its sandy beach that is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Adriatic.

Sea water is warm and crystal clear while the bay is surrounded with olive and pine trees.

Near the beach there is a camp-site too that attracts hundreds of tourists and travellers in summer months.

peljesac-prapratno2Right above the bay there is a small cafe – bar / restaurant where most of the buses that travel along Peninsula stop for break and refreshment. From that point, there is about 15 min walk downhill to reach the ferry terminal.

Recently the bay become important as connection point for ferry from Prapratno to Mljet (Sobra), as new ferry pier was ready in 2006 and is now fully functional… About Ferry to Mljet + Ferry Map Prapratno-Mljet

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  • Camping in Prapratno  – the campsite is located on 50 kilometres west from Dubrovnik, at the very beginning of Peljesac peninsula, right across the Island of Mljet.  It is situated in the bay at the very seashore, in the area covered with pine and olive trees .. read more

Map of Prapratno

map of prapratno

Prapratno bay viewed from the small restaurant above the bay on the rainy, winter day.

bay - prapratno