peljesac-trstenik1Trstenik is a village situated on the southern coast of the Peljesac peninsula. It is connected to the Croatian mainland by the coastal road via Ston. The village is located in a deep, south facing bay under the tall Peljesac hills, with a large pebble beach at the base of the bay. The bay is an anchoring spot as it has well protected pier, though it is not recommended in times of southern wind Jugo.

Trstenik is about 90 km away from Dubrovnik and due to it’s unique gorgeous and unspoilt location, is considered as one of the most beautiful villages of Croatian coast. The sea here is crystal clear and is rich in underwater life. Numerous small bays and beaches that can be accessed only by boat are in the near vicinity.

History of Trstenik:

Trstenik was in 19th and beginning of 20th century important harbour for transportation of grapes from Peljesac’s isolated southern vineyards to Italy and beyond. At that times the only way to transport grapes at harvest from souther slopes of Peljesac was to load them on donkeys and carry them over the mountain to the wineries in Potomje (village on Peljesac that has well known winery) , or along the steep southern ridges to the bay to be loaded on boats and transported by sea to Italy or Split and Dubrovnik.

Trstenik Beach – find out more about beautiful sandy beach in the village – read more

Peljesac Wines : Trstenik is a home of Grgic Vina Winery that was founded by Napa Valley winemaker Mike Grgich, a Croatian emigre, in 1958. Grgich, who earned international fame as the winemaker at Calistoga’s Chateau Montelena, founded his own Grgich Hills winery in Rutherford in 1971. Red wine Plavac Mali is famous produce of this winery.

Scuba Diving:

There is a scuba diving centre in Trstenik,  that is run by local diving enthusiast. They offer various service such as the complete rent of diving equipment, diving courses (OWD, AOWD, Divecon, Stress & Rescue etc.), diving accompanied with a dive master and assistant, wreck diving, cave diving, diving on sunken vessels, underwater caves and walls. All these underwater activities are done at the near vicinity of village itself. Link:

Eating : Trstenik has couple of cafes and restaurants, the post office and food store.

Travel Info:

Trstenik is about 2 hrs drive from Dubrovnik Airport and about 1.5 hrs drive to Dubrovnik Old Town. It is served at least couple of times a day by local buses that rides from Korcula to Dubrovnik and from Orebic to Dubrovnik too. See photo of Trstenik in the old times

Map of Trstenik