Kuna Pelješka

Kuna on Peljesac

Kuna, also called Kuna Pelješka lays in the interior of the Peninsula, at the 400 meters above the sea level,  in the valley surrounded by high hills of Pelješac. As with the rest of the Peninsula, this village is also known for its wine production and agriculture as well as by some unexpected cultural heritage.

The village is home of the 18th-century Franciscan monastery that treasures some amazing old paintings as well as artworks by well known Croatian artist Mato Celestin Medović, who as Franciscan monk lived in the monastery in the 19th century.

The neighbouring 17th century Church of Our Lady of Loreta – Delorite is one of the largest churches on Pelješac, constructed within a monastery grounds as three-nave building (divided into three main parts). The interior of the church and the monastery is also truly impressive: beautiful cloister, marble altars, numerous artworks, just to mention a few. The neo-Renaissance style bell tower erected on three floors adds to the character of the grounds.

Mato Celestin Medovic monument in Kuna, Peljesac

Being a such a small village (just over 260 permanent inhabitants) Kuna feels isolated especially in the winter months (see below photo). However, due to its lovely surroundings, its history and monuments, Kuna is a great place to visit any time of the year. It always feels so calming walking around the village among the olive and vine groves and visiting Monastery grounds for some refreshment and calm shade among its tall cypress trees.

Vineyards in Kuna in winter

The nearest seashore to Kuna is a small bay of Crkvice, on the northern coast of the Peninsula, just across and down the hill from the village. The 6km long road from Kuna to Crkvice is partly shaded by tall pine trees and other vegetation, so it could be a great route for walking/ hiking/ mountain-biking day trip. The route leads along the asphalted road that offers great views over Malostonski Zaljev – a lovely bay that divides Peninsula from the mainland. In Crkvice, you will find several houses and a small harbour where you can swim and refresh.


Map of Kuna

Map of Kuna, Peljesac

Small photo gallery of Kuna Peljeska:

Getting there:  To reach Kuna, take the main road leading from Orebic to Ston and at the Pijavicino turn to the local road to Kuna. Alternatively, you can use the road to Oskorusno and turn to Kuna from there.