trpanj-peljesac1TRPANJ is located on the northern coast of Peljesac Peninsula, facing Croatian Mainland. It used to be a fisherman’s village but recently, it become popular as holiday spot too. The crystal-clear sea is on its beaches and there is a bay with healing mud in near vicinity too. The town has it’s old part of the town where a couple of old churches are located. It has it’s seafood restaurants, a couple of cafes, shop, post office and nice seaside promenade – a lovely place to spend some time.

Getting to Trpanj:

Trpanj is a ferry port where ferries come from Ploce, so it is well connected with Croatian Mainland / Ploce.

Trpanj Hotels:

Map of Trpanj

map of trpanj

Old Photos of Trpanj:

These photos are taken at the beginning of 20th century in Trpanj. The last one is a scan of a postcard that was sold as a souvenir in Trpanj too:


Trpanj Beach Photo – “Regards from Trpanj Beach” it the title of this Trpanj tourist souvenir – estimated time: 1930’s


Trpanj – Peljesac Harbour


Old panorama of Trpanj – Peljesac


Trpanj Church and Fields