Peljesac Wines


Above photo: Vineyard Bartulovic on Peljesac
Peljesac wine is indeed considered to be among Croatia’s finest wine.
Postup wine – Postup is a premium wine since 1967. Sometimes called the younger brother of Dingac. It is produced from the indigenous Plavac Mali at the specific locations around Postup village as well as in Potomje. The wine is dark ruby colour, full-bodied, balanced flavour with a hint of bitterness. It fits good with red meat, game or grilled fish. It should be chilled to a temperature of 18 ° C.

Map of Wineries, wine shops and wine bars on Peljesac :

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Wineries on Peljesac

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peljesac vinegroves

vineyards above Kuciste

Above photo: Vineyard on the southern slopes of Peljesac