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Peljesac is a peninsula in southern Croatia, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva county, just about an hour drive from Dubrovnik. It is around 70 km long and is connected with Croatian Mainland at Ston.

The Peljesac Channel divides the peninsula from the island of Korcula. Scattered like breadcrumbs across the foothills of the dolomites, the hamlets and villages of southern Peljesac evoke an ancient past.

The rocks, the vegetation, the groves of pine and cypress - everywhere a sense of timelessness prevails. On the hills above the sea, abandoned villas and gardens, stone walls and columns lie crumbling in the sun.

Lemon, fig and almond trees, herbs and wildflowers surround the villages gardens and fields.

The historical sea captains' town of Orebic - with its shops, market, cafes and restaurants is on the bottom of the Sveti Ilija Mountain.

A footpath into the mountains to the summit of Sveti Ilija begins near Viganj too - Croatia's windsurfing capital. There, seaside restaurants and pebbly beaches attract a lively crowd in summer months.

The island of Korcula and Mljet are just across the channel.

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