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Welcome to a web site dedicated to travellers and visitors to Peljesac, Croatia. This is a travel guide that includes pages on its natural beauties, places and beaches, as well as info about hotels holiday accommodations and transport / travel to Peljesac. Thank you for visiting our page and enjoy browsing! Note - Peljesac is pronounced “pel-ye-shatz”

Peljesac is a peninsula in southern Croatia, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva county, situated just about an hour drive from Dubrovnik. It is around 70 km long covering the area of about 350 km2 and is connected with Croatian Mainland at its narrowest point which is near Ston town.

The Peljesac Channel divides the peninsula from the island of Korcula. Scattered like breadcrumbs across the foothills of the dolomites, the hamlets and villages of southern Peljesac evoke an ancient past.

The rocks, the vegetation, the groves of pine and cypress - everywhere a sense of timelessness prevails. On the hills above the sea, abandoned villas and gardens, stone walls and columns lie crumbling in the sun.

Lemon, fig and almond trees, herbs and wildflowers surround the villages gardens and fields.

The historical sea captains' town of Orebic - with its shops, market, cafes and restaurants is on the bottom of the Sveti Ilija Mountain.

A footpath into the mountains to the summit of Sveti Ilija begins near Viganj - Croatia's windsurfing capital. There, seaside restaurants and pebbly beaches attract a lively crowd in summer months.

The island of Korcula and Mljet are just across the channel. The peninsula makes a nice day trip from Dubrovnik. The best is to do it by car or you can always book a private tour of the Peninsula that includes wine tasting in Potomje region and oyster sampling in Ston area.

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  • bay - prapratno


    Prapratno is a small bay situated just about 3 kilometres west of ancient town Ston on the Peljesac peninsula.The bay is south facing and it has its lovely sandy beach that is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Adriatic.Seawater is warm and crystal clear while the bay is …
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  • Peljesac Wines

    Above photo: Vineyard Bartulovic on Peljesac Peljesac wine is indeed considered to be among Croatia’s finest wine. Postup wine – Postup is a premium wine since 1967. Sometimes called the younger brother of Dingac. It is produced from the indigenous Plavac Mali at the specific locations around Postup village as well as in Potomje. The wine …
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  • Peljesac Vineyards

    Vineyards of the Peljesac Peninsula are well known in Croatia and are considered by many to produce the country’s finest wines. The best-known wine is Dingac (pronounced Ding-ach) which is red wine and is produced around the slopes of  Postup, Dingac and Orebic. Other local wines include Postup and Plavac Mali which …
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  • Trstenik

    Trstenik is a village situated on the southern coast of the Peljesac peninsula. It is connected to the Croatian mainland by the coastal road via Ston. The village is located in a deep, south facing bay under the tall Peljesac hills, with a large pebble beach at the base of the …
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  • Oskorusno

    Oskorušno – a small village at Peljesac Peninsula is among the most significant Croatian wine growing area and one of the most picturesque landscapes of southern Dalmatia with some of many wine cellars in Peljesac. It is a village on about 1,30 hrs drive from Dubrovnik worth visiting if you can …
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  • Beaches of Peljesac

    Peljesac is well known for its pebbly beaches that can be found on its shores. Here is a list of best beaches around Peljesac that I visited and can assure you these are indeed best beaches on the peninsula – keep reading: Prapratno: Lovely south facing bay located just about …
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  • Sandy beach in Trstenik - Peljesac Peninsula

    Trstenik Beach

    Trstenik Beach is situated in the very heart of the Trstenik bay and village, on the southern shores of Peljesac peninsula. The beach is very long (see below photos)  and fairly wide, very popular with visiting families with small children and people living nearby. Situated in the deep bay, the waters here are warm, transparent …
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  • Mountain biking on Peljesac

    Above photo: Riding a mountain bike on Peljesac by Viganj Mtb Vibes Mountain biking, a sport of riding bicycles off-road over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes is popular Peljesac sport. Viganj Mtb Vibes is a local guide, based in Viganj,  who provides mountain bike rides through a selection of Pelješac trails. Services  include mountain …
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  • Potomje

    Potomje, an ancient village in the central part of the Peninsula, situated at the western edges of the fertile valley at 300 meters above sea level. On just about 15 km away from Orebic, the village is connected to the nearest seashore by 400 meters long tunnel, part of the  2.5 km road …
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  • Kuna Pelješka

    Kuna, also called Kuna Pelješka lays in the interior of the Peninsula, at the 400 meters above the sea level,  in the valley surrounded by high hills of Pelješac. As with the rest of the Peninsula, this village is also known for its wine production and agriculture as well as by some …
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