Duba Pelješka

Duba Pelješka

Duba Pelješka (also known as ‘Duba‘) is one of the cutest and smallest villages on Peljesac. The village is situated on the very seashore right on the northern foot of the Sveti Ilija (see above photo) just about 12 km west from Trpanj. The village, facing north, has unspoiled views over Biokovo mountain, right across the waters of Mali Ston Bay as well as pretty pebble beach all along the seashore.

Duba is pretty isolated so people still engage in simple lifestyle – mostly fishing and farming. Historically,  at the beginning of the last century, most of the villagers left for ‘better life’ in the USA so nowadays there are the only a dozen families living there. Nevertheless, quite a few families rent rooms and apartments to visitors, so if one wishes, there is an option to stay in Duba.

Interesting things to see in Duba are a couple of churches and chapels, old (antique) walls in the village as well as unusual pebble beach ‘Jezero’ in the near vicinity. There are also nice walking trails around the olive groves and vineyards.

Note: The above photo is taken from the summit of Sveti Ilija mountain.


Photos of Duba:

Map of Duba Pelješka

map of Duba Pelješka